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5 Reasons to Hire Us

written by Kassie Richard on Thursday, July 05, 2018

Embarking on the journey of a brand new website and/or marketing campaign is no simple task. Add in deciding on the perfect digital marketing firm to hire and you're likely to want to throw your hands up in defeat. Keeping your business flowing and functioning is always your priority and massive marketing projects simply must take a backseat. We totally understand what it takes to devote time and money to a such a daunting project, and not just because said projects are our profession.

Dovetail is here to make that job easier for you, whether you want the whole marketing package or just a great website. Still not sold? Let us tell you what we can do for you.

  1. We employ an integrated marketing approach. Think about your individual marketing efforts as respective gears. Sure, each one needs to function on their own, but they're all very important to make the whole machine (your marketing as a whole) function. Not only can we make each of your individual efforts work, but we'll make that entire machine successful, not just functional. That's why we blend informative, traditional print advertising with attention-grabbing social media posts and, of course, a reliable, stunning website to back it all up.
  2. We work with small-medium businesses. As a small business ourselves, we get it. Finding the time and resources to run successful marketing, which should be an entire department on it's own, is difficult, especially when you don't have the resources to hire an entire team. That's where we come in. Dovetail is here to serve as a complete resource for your business.
  3. We design and develop completely in-house. Our team may be small, but it's packed with digital marketing superheroes. At Dovetail, we have the team and capabilities to fully design and implement your website and/or print collateral, allowing us to completely customize your projects for you and your business.
  4. We design specifically for mobile. These days, most people use their smart phones to quickly look up a business' website, checking for services, hours, and contact information. That's why it's incredibly important for your website to be mobile-responsive. At Dovetail, we design and implement with this in mind. Never fear! Your website will function and look absolutely stunning on your customers' smartphones.
  5. We build content-driven websites. If you've been following our blog or social media posts, you've definitely seen us talk about how important search engine optimization is. We promise not to get on our soap box in this blog (you can check out our lcoal SEO blog here), but we will tell you how important it is for your website's overall success. Building a website is more than just cutting and pasting your story to make it pretty. It's about knowing how to utilize the right layouts, content, and message to appease Google and other search engines, guaranteeing more web traffic for you. Here at Dovetail, we rate our success on yours, so you can rest assured that we'll work hard for you. We're not a second-place kind of agency.

We're not all talk. Check out our portfolio for yourself! Like what you see? Give us a call!

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