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Benefits of Building a Microsite

written by on Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Almost every business is online in some shape or form by now. The value of an effective web presence is recognized by consumers and business owners alike. Often, an old website can feel static to customers. Some websites operate perfectly and connect with users, but fail to address specials or exclusive content sought by certain users. The design and development team at Usable Creative provides a few reasons to consider developing a microsite.

Big Time Microsite

Movie studios are no stranger to the world of microsites. Almost every new blockbuster to hit the big screen boasts a microsite from their respective studio. Early on, film studios learned that directing all traffic to their parent site became too difficult. Each film required months’ worth of promotional space prior to debuting. Once the film enters theaters, more traffic will head in the direction of the parent site and will continue for variable periods of time depending on demand.

Microsite Promotional Potential

If your business rolls out promotional specials daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or for any duration of time, a microsite could be a smart move. Effectively managing traffic and increasing web presence are both noted advantages. Your customers will appreciate not having to wade through a wasteland of pages to find the select service they desire. In the case of movie promotions, some microsites are as simple as one page. This eloquently presented page offers usable information for potential watchers.

Directing people to a microsite while in your retail location or on the front page of your site is an easy way to drive traffic. However, including exclusive content or offering exclusive promotions via microsite could drive customers back to your retail location or back to your website. Your microsite could work well for driving and managing online traffic.

Start Building a Microsite

Are you thinking about how a microsite could work for your company? At Usable Creative, we design mobile apps, websites, billboards, and provide an array of other services. Contact our web design and development offices by calling (337) 781-4731 or send us an email from our home page.

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