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Mobile Website Statistics

written by on Wednesday, February 12, 2014

You're watching the super bowl, an ad appears for a company you've never seen before.  You decide to Google the company.  What did you just use to make that search?  Chances are you didn't fire up the PC for that one search, you used your smartphone.

Mobile websites are more prominent than ever before! 1.2 billion people are accessing the web from their mobile devices. 1.2 billion! Chances are, people have checked out your company’s website on their phone or tablet. Is your website mobile friendly? Bottom line, if your company does not have a mobile website, get one….. today.

A mobile website should be a streamlined version of your regular website.  It should feature your products, services, vision, contact information, and most importantly, it should be thumb-friendly. 

Here are a few statistics from 2013 that showcase the importance of mobile websites: 
  • 58 % of consumers own a smartphone. 
  • Mobile traffic accounts for 15% of all Internet traffic.
  • 61% of consumers have a better opinion of a brand when they offer a good mobile experience. 
  • Tablet consumers spend 50% more than PC users. 
  • 26.85% of all emails are opened on a phone.
  • Mobile based searches make up for 25% of all searches.

Does your company need a mobile website?

Usable Creative designs streamlined, mobile-friendly websites that accurately reflect your brand.  We adhere to industry standards in place for mobile device browsing, such as thumb-friendly navigation and streamlined graphics.  Let's start a conversation today and get started on your mobile website. 

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