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Part 2: So what can I do with this company Facebook page?

written by on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Yesterday we discussed one benefit of having a company page on Facebook, brand awareness. In today's post, we'll chat about campaigns, your messaging, and how to track effectiveness. 

Reach Your Customers

Regardless of your industry, there are hundreds of ways to promote your business. From traditional publication advertising to digital billboards to radio ads, you've got options.

Now that everyone, and we're talking all ages, has a smartphone in their hand, pocket or purse, you've got a direct link to your current and potential customers! Reach them directly through your company Facebook page!

Then Get to Know Them

Unlike a billboard, radio, or print ad, social media allows for a concrete ROI measurement. Gauge click throughs to your website and understand your audience thanks to Facebook insights and analytics. With these anyalytics, we can determine the gender, age and location of the people reacting to your posts! 

Finally, a tool where you can communicate directly to your audience. It's really that easy, the hard part, determining what to say.

Remember that movie Hitch with Will Smith? We're kind of like him. Well maybe not tall, dark and handsome, but we can get you set up and tell you what to say. Our office is closed tomorrow for Good Friday, check back in Monday for the final post in this series. 

Let Us Help

Usable Creative offers website and marketing services including social media development and management. We love helping our customers make an impact on the web from their Usable Creative custom built website to their content rich, informative, and fun Facebook page. Email us today to get started.  

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