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Social Media - Crisis Mode

written by Shannon Lynd on Thursday, August 13, 2015

Three weeks ago our community of Lafayette, Louisiana was shaken. An armed gunman killed two women, critically injuring several others, before taking his own life in The Grand Theater. It was an act we could never imagining happening to "the happiest city" in America. 


We will never forget that day and the impact it had on our community, but now we can look back and examine not just the terrible act, but how our community gathered together in the face of tragedy and how we communicated during the crisis.

Social media is no longer just a fun website or a distraction from work. It's a tool. It's how we share news stories, how we tell our families we're ok and home safe.

Good Morning America meets Good Morning Acadiana

If you visited Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Thursday, July 23, chances are you saw headlines from not only our local news stations but also CNN, NBC, Fox, CBS and ABC.  However, headlines weren't the only thing being posted on social media.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were saturated with #PrayforLafayette hashtags. Images were created with the state of Louisiana with a star over Lafayette. The social media community gathered to pray and spread a message of hope. Three weeks later, these same images still appear as profile and cover photos.

Giving a Voice

The power of social media is palpable, it brings a voice to the silent, and it brings attention to tragedy, but has the ability to share stories of hope. Usable Creative is proud of our community and proud to see local businesses supporting our community through social media. 

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