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What is Responsive Web Design?

written by on Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We’ve gotten this question a lot lately. Do you know the answer? Responsive Web Design is an approach to designing a website in order to provide an optimal website viewing experience no matter what type, or size of devise you are using to browse.

Do you ever go to a website on your laptop, and then browse the same site on your phone and it looks totally different? Ok if it looks totally different in a bad way, then they should call us.  If it looks different in a good way, that’s responsive web design.    

It’s no secret that technology is currently evolving, the websites we create today are already different from what we created one year ago. Responsive web design is a new technology we love because it ensures a beautiful website on all devices.  

Want to see responsive web design in action?  Check out  Take a look at the site on your desktop, then your tablet, and then your phone.  You can quickly see the different design and views available for this one website. 

Is your website as lagging behind?

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