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What Social Media Marketing Can Do For Your Brand

written by Kassie Richard on Wednesday, May 30, 2018

It's 2018. Everyone knows that social media is a big deal. But did you know how greatly and positively social media can impact your marketing? The number of people that use social media to find products and services that they need is consistently growing. Soon, if you're not marketing your products or services online, you may be missing out on some serious business.

Branding on social media gives consumers a sense of a business' voice, values, and even humor. This makes your social media activity more personable as you connect with consumers in an environment that they're comfortable in, which in turn makes your audience more responsive.

There are several pros to adding social media to your marketing plan:

  • Brand Exposure
  • SEO
  • Customer Reviews
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Customer Service

Brand Exposure

Social media catapults your reach capability, allowing for fast and agile marketing. Targeting consumers in every avenue, by way of traditional or digital media, can vastly affect your brand exposure. The more consumers see your advertisements, the more impressions you make, leading to a greater recall. If a consumer notices your billboard, mailed brochures, and radio ads on top of your social media ads, they're more likely to remember your business' name and services when they're in need. Social media only broadens your typical reach, exposing your brand to considerably more people than any traditional ads combined.


It's obvious that the more you post, the more opportunity your followers have to see and interact with your business. However, this can affect far more than just your current followers. The more you post and the more your followers interact with those posts can greatly affect your Search Engine Optimization, putting your business higher and higher on search engine result pages. Your social media accounts are gateways to your main site, every post optimizing click-throughs, resulting in more fruitful SEO.

Customer Reviews

Customer-generated reviews are the most preferred sources of product and service information for social media users, hands down. About 71% of consumers respond to products and services according to recommendations and reviews from other users, which could be huge for your business. Social media gives users the opportunity to rant or rave about your business. Just make sure they're raving and you'll be the talk of your product or service in no time.

Targeted Campaigns

Thanks to social media statistics that are available on nearly every single post, you as a business owner or marketer can easily analyze your demographic and recent campaigns. Additionally, there is so much information available for every individual with a social media profile, it is insanely easy for you to assess your demographic even further. These results can lead to incredibly targeted and effective campaigns.

The Take-Away

Social media is great for advertising, but you can't rely on it alone. Social media acts as a way to call attention to your business, directing users to your website where they are then converted to your brand. Need help with that? We've got your back. Start a conversation today.

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