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Does My Company Really Need a Facebook Page?

written by on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

If you're a business owner, chances are, someone has told you that you need a Company Page on Facebook. But why? What's in it for you?

This month we will share a series of 3 blog posts, detailing three benefits that your company can take advantage of through a page on Facebook. 

Why 3 posts? We like to keep it short and sweet, you're an active business owner after all! 

Facebook Allows You To Build Your Brand

Social media creates brand awareness. There's another term you've heard a thousand times. Brand Awareness. Let's break it down.

Use us as an example!  You might not be in the market for a website today, but because you see our posts a few days a week, we come to mind when you do start thinking about building a website! That's brand awareness, or what we casually call, top of mind awareness. 

Through Facebook's analytic and insight tools, you can track the number of impressions each posts gets. This is the number of eyes on your post.

Eyes = Awareness  

We're not talking about selling or marketing yet, we just want people to recognize your name and logo. Tomorrow, we'll talk messaging.  

It Boils Down To...

Want people to recognize your name and logo? Get a company Facebook page, and post relevant content often. Or, ya know, let us do it for you. 

Usable Creative offers website and marketing services to companies across Acadiana, Louisiana and the entire Gulf Coast. Each project begins with a conversation, let's start yours today. 

Tune in tomorrow for part 2 of our series. 



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