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It's Time for a Website Redesign

written by Kassie Richard on Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Has the time come?

Even when you hire amazing website companies (like us, obvs) to build your new website, taking on this project can be very time-consuming and daunting for the average business owner. We get it. You've done it once or twice already and you don't want to do it again for quite some time. But how old is too old for a website before it needs a total overhaul?

Honestly, it depends on who you ask, as well as your website's functionality and content. Oh, and did we mention you also have to factor in your industry? We know, it's a lot. But don't let your head go swimming away. We've curated a short list of tell-tale signs that your website needs a redesign just for you.

You're embarrassed to give out your URL.

If you cringe every time you log on to your website or keep your customers from going to your website at all costs, you're probably pretty unhappy with it. Whether it's how it looks or how it functions, you're no longer proud of your website, whether or not you're willing to admit it. Maybe the content is no longer relevant or the design is SO five years ago; regardless, this is an issue. Your website is meant to generate leads, so if you're preventing any potential leads from using it, you're doing a disservice to your business.

It's old.

Websites age even faster than dogs. If your site is even three years old, go ahead and prepare a will. Many believe that it's just a money trap, but there's so much truth to the rapid aging of websites. This is because we live in a technology boom, where new software or functionality is in use before we've even learned the last one. Though you may want to just throw in the towel and give up on trying to keep up, it's absolutely necessary to reach your audience effectively. According to USC, adults spend roughly 24 hours online a week. If your site is stuck in the past, whether in design or functionality, your audience will know immediately, which doesn't give them the best first impression of your website. While there's no standard website age that incurs redesign, you'll want to start paying attention to how your site compares to others in your industry around year three.

Competitors have newer sites.

There's a reason we're suggesting to compare your site to industry competitors to judge your own site that goes even farther than judging your site's age. Industry competition is a fickle thing. You think you finally have the upper-hand and then a competitor comes out of nowhere with the next best thing. It can be detrimental to your business because customers always want the best, so even if your service better, the competitor with the shiny new toy will often be more appealing to customers. The same thing can happen with websites. If your major competitors are redesigning their websites and yours remains the same and becomes dated, customers are more likely to convert on your competition's website instead of yours.

Your brand isn't represented appropriately.

Made some business changes recently? Refreshed your logo, colors, services, products, or overall brand personality? Your website should reflect that! If your copy still alludes to (or specifically states) a service you no longer provide, a product you no longer carry, or isn't all inclusive of the services and products you've added, you need to refresh. As we've mentioned, adults spend a ton of time on the internet, so it's accurate to say that a fraction of your customers will discover or get to know your business online. If your website isn't up-to-date, even down to your colors and brand personality, users will either think they've got the wrong business or that your business doesn't provide what they're looking for. Just like that, you're losing potential leads.

It lacks positive user experience.

We know we keep going back to design and functionality, but it's so important! Here again, if you don't have these two things plus great, relevant content, you're not giving your site users a positive experience. What's your reaction when you see a site that hasn't been updated since the ancient times of 2003? Or when the tool you've gone to a website specifically to use doesn't work? Or when the copy is so dated that, when you call or arrive expecting a service, they no longer offer it? Sure, you'll be skeptical and frustrated, which isn't the end of the world, but you're certainly not going to trust that business completely and you're more than likely to find a better option as a user. As a business owner, if your site is guilty of the aforementioned internet usage crimes, you may actually just push away your customers and only help your competitors.

It's not responsive.

Have we mentioned how much time adults are spending online? We swear this is the last time we'll make this point, but it's important here, too! You see, it's not hard to believe that a lot of people accessing the internet are using smart phones or tablets to do so. In fact, the same USC study found that 84% percent of people accessing the internet are using smart phones. What does that have to do with websites? Well, that means a large percentage of users on your site are on their smart phones. If you don't have a website that's mobile responsive, or is designed to look great and function well on smaller devices, you're losing those leads, too.

So many precious leads lost! Good thing it's avoidable with a sweet redesign of your website. Whether you're looking to refresh your copy or the look of your site along with your business refresh, a complete overhaul in an effort to completely rebrand your business, or simply to update your old website, we can help! Start a conversation today.

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