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Unveiling Our New Brand: Dovetail Digital Marketing

written by Kassie Richard on Monday, April 02, 2018
When we started this wild, crazy Usable Creative ride in 2010, we had a clear vision and definite goals (we guarantee you've never met more determined and capable people than Allison and Shannon). We were inspired, passionate, and downright ambitious, aflame with excitement as we embarked on a journey to help small businesses market their brand effectively.


So...what happened?

Oh, nothing bad. Actually, everything good. We reached all of our goals, checking off our business bucket list, giddier than Santa Claus double-checking the Nice List with a steaming cup of hot cocoa by the fire.


When you've checked all of your boxes you set out to achieve eight years prior (and you're as crazily ambitious as we are), you re-evaluate. Write a whole new list answering the questions nagging at the corner of your brain: How can we re-invent? Re-organize? Develop? Evolve? How can we be even better?


The answers to these questions led us to a (somewhat scary) revelation: we needed to rebrand. Usable Creative had been good to us; as good as any beloved small business name could be. As our brand was evolving, though, we realized that Usable Creative could not encapsulate what we do. With new goals came a new vision, new needs, and (eventually) a new name. A name that could accurately reflect what we strive to do.


Change is Good

Dovetail Digital Marketing broadens our capabilities, skills, goals, and horizons. Like a dovetail joint, we interlock our skills, offering a wide variety of digital marketing services like web design, print design, blogging, email marketing, and SEO/SEM. We now stand as an all-encompassing marketing partner, serving as a complete resource for your business.


New name, same old team with the same core values. Don't worry, we haven't gotten a big head over this whole thing. We continue to start every project with a conversation, getting to know your business, your vision, and (most importantly) you. We are digital craftsmen and our passion is to serve your business, our dedication shown in every design, word, and pixel.


We've revamped, relaunched, and now we're ready to develop your brand rejuvenated. Want to see how? Start a conversation today.


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